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    MUD type Tooling System Advantages  "Master Unit Die" tooling offers you advantages at every step in the manufacturing process...from tooling lead time and cost to produce aluminum or mild steel inserts.
     Shorter Lead Times   prototype tooling orders require less lead time because only a companion insert mold is required, not an entire standard mold base. This results in less time required for machining.
     Lower Tooling Costs   since only an insert mold from aluminum or mild steel is needed for new prototype tooling, the cost is less for both material and fabrication. Costs are reduced as much as 66 percent.

     Prototypes & Samples   faster setup and start up means the insert die concept is ideal for this type of application. Even more important, engineering changes involve only the companion insert mold, not an entire standard mold base. This keeps sample and experimental tooling time and cost to an absolute minimum.
     Aluminum Insert Molds   the thermal conductivity of available aluminum insert molds approaches four times that of steel for even faster cycling times. These light weight insert molds are also easy to handle and can be machined at higher speeds. Inserts are machined from 6061 aluminum and QC-7 - 7000 series aluminum.

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