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  plastic castings & injection molded parts  Thumbnail 1 shows medical and industrial polyurethane plastic parts.  Short run parts are possible using prototype methods. 

 investment castings     Thumbnail 2 are investment castings using production methods made from bronze and steel.

  cnc machined parts    Thumbnail 3  shows cnc machined parts in aluminum and steel which were programmed in Solidworks/cad software and machined from Virtual Gibbs/cam Software.

 zinc castings    Thumbnail 4  are Spin-cast parts made from RTV Silicon rubber tooling.  This is a short run, low cost process to make die cast type zinc parts.   This process also works well for producing obsolete automotive parts.

 antique automobile    Thumbnail 5  depicts a obsolete Rolls Royce battery cover cast from an original part in polyurethane plastic.  Thumbnail 6 shows zinc castings of a wiper motor, heater, and fuel pump housing, reverse engineered from the originals.

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