spin - casting steps

PREPARE MOLD  Parts or models are laid out on a disc of soft uncured silicone rubber. The mold parting line is formed. Mold parting compound is sprayed and the mold halves are mated to each other.
VULCANIZING MOLD   The mold is placed in a vulcanizing frame and placed into a heated press for curing. The heat cross-links and cures the silicone rubber.
GATING & VENTING   The gates, runner system and air vents are easily cut into the cured rubber mold with a scalpel. Metal, polyurethane plastics, or wax materials can be cast in the exact same mold for evaluation, if desired.
PLACING MOLD IN SPIN-CASTER  The mold is placed into the casting machine. The mold is centered and closing the door actuates a pneumatic clamp. Spin speed, clamping pressure, and cycle time are adjusted and the spin cycle begins.
POURING & SPIN-CASTING   The liquid metal, plastic, or wax is poured into the casting machine. Centrifugal force pushes the liquid through the mold's runner system, filling every section of the mold cavity.
REMOVAL OF SPIN-CAST PARTS  After metals solidify and plastics set up, the parts are quickly removed from the mold. Spin-Casting process can hold tolerances of .001" to .005" per inch.